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Ho'oma'ema'e Candle - To Cleanse

The Ho’oma’ema’e Candle was designed with the intention to cleanse a space of negative energy.  With a blend of Sage and Geranium the Ho’oma’ema’e Candle has the potential to combat despair and mental fatigue, releasing negative memories and therefore balancing our pelvic chakras, where we store our negative emotions from denial and abuse so we may foster peace, wellbeing and hope.  Due to its addition of “flower of flowers” (aka Ylang Ylang) fragrantly the Ho’oma’ema’e Candle may influence balance between male-female energies, enhance spiritual attunement, combat anger, low self-esteem and filters out negative energy.  

Sage, Geranium & Ylang Ylang (All 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils).  


WARNING: Avoid prolonged use if epileptic and use sparingly if you have low blood pressure.

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