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Ho'onanea Candle - To Rest

Our Ho’onanea Candle includes fragrances of Lavender, Orange and Cedarwood.  Its purpose is to harbor a relaxing atmosphere for one to rest and unwind.  According to the University of Miami, researchers found that inhalation of lavender oils increased beta waves in the brain, suggesting heightened relaxation.  It also reduced depression and improved cognitive performance (Diego MA, et al., 1998).  A 2001 Osaka Kyoiku University study found that lavender also reduced mental stress and increased alertness (Motomura, 2001).  Orange Essential Oil, another property found in our Ho’onanea Candle, was also shown to reduce anxiety in children awaiting dental treatment.  Beloved for its clean, fresh scent, Orange, lowers salivary cortisol levels and pulse rates (Jafarzadeh, 2013).   Citrus fragrances are also found to boost immunity, induce relaxation, and reduce depression (Mie University, Komori, et al., 1995).  Both a traditional medicine and incense in Tibet, Cedarwood, throughout antiquity has been used in medicines.  Fragrantly, Cedarwood, “stimulates the limbic region of the brain (the center of emotions), stimulates the pineal gland, which releases melatonin.  Terry Friedman MD, found in clinical tests that this oil may treat ADD and ADHD (attention deficit disorders) in children.”  It is also recognized for its calming properties. 

Lavender, Orange & Cedarwood (All 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils).

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